Inside the classroom

It’s hard to believe that I am nearly at the end of week three at Gajayana University.  I have established some routines now, like preparing lessons, visiting the laundry a couple of times a week and buying my main meal each day from Ibu Kusno.  Ibu Kusno and I don’t share any language but she knows that I am vegetarian and that I want my food freshly cooked, and seems glad to have a new regular customer.

I am having a bit more trouble getting used to the storms and blackouts but am learning from the teachers here to just takes things as they come.  Those afternoon storms are just going to happen any way.

Everyone had just been moved so they had new speaking partners when these pictures were taken.  They took it pretty well and were all practicing using conversational rejoinders, like ‘Ah-hah’ (which they think is funny), ‘Lucky you!’ and “That’s terrible’.

English majors 2Practicing speaking in pairs


3 thoughts on “Inside the classroom

  1. It’s great to see the pictures, Joanne. This gives a real sense of the students and the environment. I can just see them saying, ‘That’s terrible!’ to each other with the appropriate looks on their faces.

  2. Hi,
    Finally getting around to reading your blog from the bottom up. I can imagine you saying “I have established some routines now, like preparing lessons…” in a self-deprecating manner!

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