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ceres Thank you for visiting this blog. My name is Joanne and I usually live in Canberra, Australia. In 2014 though, I taught in a university in Malang in Indonesia, a government high school in rural Thailand, and in Dharamsala, India. Since then, I have spent considerably more time in Dharamsala teaching English.

Before that adventure,  I undertook graduate studies in Teaching English to Speakers of  Other Languages  (TESOL) at the University of Canberra and volunteered as a classroom assistant with qualified teachers in the Adult Migrant English Program. I learnt about pedagogical theories, sociolinguistics, the structure of language and language acquisition, while the volunteer work taught me about their applications.

I even managed to learn a lot about English grammar (which is no mean feat for an Australian who is a native speaker of English) and then studied different ways that grammar can be taught and learned.

In 2015,  I came back in Canberra, doing some further study to convert my Graduate Diploma to a Masters degree and teaching English for Academic Purposes at the Australian National University and University of Canberra. However, the lure of teaching in India again meant that after completing one more subject, Research Methods, I went back to India. That is where I am now.

This blog is my English teaching experiences, reflections and dilemmas. If you are a fellow student, a teacher or one of my friends, I hope that we can learn together.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Joanne, nice to meet you. You are from my home town! – my original home town, before I moved to Canada 30 years ago. Well my very original home town was Melbourne but we moved to Canberra when I was 11 and much of my family is still there.
    Congratulations on qualifying as an ESL teacher. An excellent profession for travelling. Where are you teaching/planning on teaching? Wherever it will be it will be wonderful!
    These people are Canadian ESL teachers in Busan Korea – perhaps introduce yourself to them: http://wheninnewplaces.com/about/
    Thank you for visiting our blog and for following. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.
    I wish you well on your journey. Good luck, and many blessings

    • Hi Alison, that is amazing that you grew up in Canberra! I been here for 19 years, since just before my son was born. He is now at Sydney Uni and my daughter is living with me and working for the Australian Greens in Parliament House. I have never lived anywhere outside Australia before and figure that it is time for a gap year.

      I am off to SE Asia in February. My first stint of teaching starts in a uni in Malang, Indonesia and will be for ten weeks. Then I am thinking to do volunteer work in Thailand. I went on an Intrepid tour in Thailand in July and know it is somewhere that I really want to go back to teach. I am just checking that out now. One of my lecturers has university contacts in Vietnam so I might be able to line something up there too.

      I like your blog because you and Don are so open to your experiences and we are around the same age, give or take. Being new to WordPress I haven’t made it past my ‘about’ page yet, so it was great to hear back from you. I know that I am looking forward to being a blogger and think that, in some ways, my blog will be my lifeline. Thanks for your comments and the tip about the teachers in Korea!

      I wish you well in your journey too.
      kind regards


      • Hi Joanne,
        Your plans and ideas for your journey sound great. We loved SE Asia.
        Thanks for your kind words about our blog. It is a kind of lifeline. It’s been surprising who of our family and friends actually regularly read and comment on the blog, who only reads, and who doesn’t bother. It was an eye opener though not in a bad way. You may be surprised at the friends that come out of the woodwork who love to keep in touch, and who never bothers to even read your blog but you know loves you anyway.
        Once you get going with the blog it would be good to put a follow button (it’s in the widgets I think) so people can follow you.
        Good luck, and happy travels! In the meantime say hello to beautiful Canberra for me 🙂

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