Changing lanes – two very different English camps

Currently lessons at Thungmaprao High School have been suspended while the students play sports and undertake other activities for a couple of weeks. So this week I taught at two contrasting three day English camps. Both were for government school students, but the first was at a five star resort and the other was in a primary school located in a very small Muslim village.

The camp at the resort was for the most proficient English students from a large high school in Takuapa. The other camp was the first one ever at the little primary school and you can see from the tears in the farewell picture (top left) that it was something very special for the children. The younger children were fascinated and were often found watching at the door and, at the end, some of the mothers were there too.

Both camps were wonderful experiences for me and I have picked up a few new tricks from some of the other teachers.  The pictures show that the students enjoyed themselves too.

I have just found out that I am required at Thungmaprau on Monday morning to attend an event and give a speech.  As long as no-one puts a microphone in front of me and asks me to sing “If you’re happy and you know it” again, I should be fine. Anything but that, please!

And I am back to regular classes on Wednesday.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.